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Rally for Peace and Rock Against Racism! October 5, 2003 in Hoboken NJ

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People sometimes ask us what NJI is. Is it an organization or a coalition? We tell them that it is both. It's an organization in so far as it and its sister organization, the North Jersey Independent Alliance , function as organizations -- with by-laws, procedures, officers and organizational activities. Yet it is a  coalition too!  Amendment Fourteen of our bylaws establishes a mechanism by which other organizations may associate themselves and their members with us. Our membership also reflects a wide diversity of tendencies and views: we include amongst our ranks independent-progressives, socialists of various stripe, labor people, greens, anarchists (a lot of our activities transcend the electoral arena) and even the occasional liberal. 
Hopefully, in the years to come, the vital resource which we have become, will be used by more of our friends and neighbors in their daily struggle against  the capitalist and corporate class and their handmaiden, the state. - from the Independent Voice , Spring 1998 

                                  Come join us and make a difference. 

  New Jersey Independents
PO Box 86 Hackensack, NJ 07602