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New Jersey Independents will run and/or support independent candidates who will fight for the following:
  • Full employment based on good jobs for all people and the establishment of a new economic order based on the needs of society and not on profit, and which treats all members of society as worthy of dignity and respect. 
  • Peace and an end to foreign policies based on global military supremacy and intervention, an end to all support for dictators and oppressive client states. Also an end to policies which exploit other peoples, wage war at the expense of the earth and import drugs into our communities. 
  • An equitable public health care system with universal coverage for all citizens not based on employment status or ability to pay. 
  • Economic equality and democracy. The right for all citizens to clean, safe, affordable and environmentally sound housing despite the ability to pay. 
  • Equal rights for all. An end to policies, which marginalize and make prisoners of minorities and the poor and which give preference to the construction of prisons rather than the building of schools, community centers and playgrounds. 
  • Full equality for women. The right of a woman to determine medical procedures concerning her body. The idea that child-care is work and the right for all citizens to be provided with affordable child-care, should all members of the family choose to work outside the home. 
  • Public policy committed to the protection of the environment for this and all future generations. A new environmentally responsive economic vision for the future. 
  • A fair and graduated tax system that takes into account the ability to pay. 
  • An educational system based on the principles of citizenship and the teaching of freedom that promotes an environment conductive to educating our children as active and questioning citizens rather than passive and obedient workers and consumers. 
  • An end to the “two-party system”, independent political organizing and struggle, campaign finance reform and proportional representation.