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NJIA / Progressive Button & Book
The Progressive Button & Book Service is one of the ways NJIA raises money. Progressive Button & Book keeps an inventory of 400+ types of buttons, 200 + types of bumper and vinyl stickers and 125+ types of T-Shirts on a variety of topics and issues.

Progessive Button & Book also stocks kitchen magnets, patches, pins, posters and lefty literature and tapes. If it concerns animal rights, civil and native American rights, economic and social equality, the envirnoment, gay and lesbian issues, peac, or women's rights we probably have a button or bumper sticker for it. Our motto is, "If it is progressive and it can be expressed in words, we have it."

NJIA/ Progressive Button & Book 
PO Box 86 
Hackensack, NJ 07602 
201-883-1531 (fax) 

Last updated September 22, 1999